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The great blog fad

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I've been reading a lot about the blog craze that's turning the entire world upside down. I still haven't understood what the whole fuss is about. Its basically someone with too much free time writing about some lame topic. Almost 90 percent of the blogs that I have seen are just extensions of reality shows from people who got kicked out of them. And to top it, blogs have been touted as an intelligent journalism which brings power back to the masses. Tall words for such a pathetic art.

Now that I've got those words out of my system, let us actually dissect the whole thing apart. As you can see, blogs can be fun sometimes. I haven't picked up writing in a long time - to be specific, since high school! Sometimes it might be better to sharpen those old talents again, for the sake of it. After all a tool is as good as the hand that controls it. If people want to crap on about the colour of their toilet paper, so be it. It called free speech for a reason. I have seen some informative blogs, mostly technical since those are what i read up usually. It boils down to an obvious thing - talent. If you are still reading on till now, you may have observed that my ability to cohesively continue on an idea isn't all that great. What it ends up as is a random thought here and there, with lucidity lacking in the paragraph flow. Which brings me to a very important point - language.

I liked it back in school, where things were written on paper. There's no magical ^C/^V or heaven forbid - ^Z. It used to be written the hard way, and an illogical paragraph was wasted time, and a distraction of the flow of thoughts. A smooth and natural writing skills were a necessity for those good marks in English. In this day, an essay on any topic is just a google away. We're so pressed for time to think of something original that plagiarism is becoming a way of life. In the short term, there may be solid benefits from it, but those disappear when the rot begins to set in. Its sad, but its fast becoming second nature to everyone. When was that last time that you sat to think of a solution for a problem at work? I can recollect just a few instances, most of the times, its googling for "sendmail incoming throttle" or "postfix relay parameter" or something else. I just don't find time to sit and read the frikking manual and learn it the proper way. What's that got to do with writing? A lot. It basically defines the type of person that you are, and the way your ideas will present. Haphazard methods might look good, but as I am sadly finding out, I've just lost the flair to write something intelligent.

 So, to summarize this rant, the quality of the average article on blogspot does leave much to be desired, I'd rather that they take some classes in good writing skills, that they actually get some topic that's actually refreshing to read, that the average viewer reading it can say something other that "OMG! ROFL! LOL!". Its a tall order, but let's see.
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