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I don't know who these Nuforce dudes are, but they make frikking great earphones

After the disastrous death of the Shures, I've just gotten my replacement phones, the Nuforce NE-8. They've hardly been burned in yet, but right out of the box they sound awesome. In fact, the best IEMs I've ever heard. The sound separation is much better than the Grado SR60 (now that's a first for me), and is very noticeable even to an untrained ear. The high end is really there and visible but not harsh or jarring. The mids are also sweet, and the vocals slightly subdued gives it that classy touch. The base is the best part - it's there all the way down to around 30Hz and is not boomy like the Sonys or to an extent the Shures.

I've been trying to find fault with these babies, and it's very hard. The soundstage is slightly less grander than the Grados, but the better quality of the sound makes up for it. I've been toying around with the double flange replacement ear tip - the sound is more natural with it on. Time to go back to rehearing my music - if you're ever on the lookout for replacement IEMs, I'll highly recommend these.
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