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Murphy's law is a bitch. A big, fat ugly one.

So, I was having this balcony discussion today evening with ti22  on the need for a headphone case. I never saw the need for one, since I always have my earphones plugged in or lying on my desk. The argument went on for a while and then died down. I totally forgot about it and went back home in the cab. While getting down, I didn't notice that my earphones were unplugged and hanging out. It got stuck in the cab's door and the cabbie went on ahead unaware of it. I managed to call him and get him to come back, by then the damage had already been done. The headphones were all muddy (in the literal sense) and soiled and the rubber buds are useless. What's worse - it seems like the right phone got a tyre treatment. The plastic casing has cracked out, and I can see that the wires are shaky. It still plays decently (wow!), but now I'll have to hunt for my next set of phones that'll set me back by 50 - 100$. Just on the day before my vacation. Life sucks. And i hate you Murphy, whoever you are.
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