sarathmenon (sarathmenon) wrote,

Back Again

[Imported from my old "blog"] is back again, after a short outage of 6 months! The new site is powered by rediff , so all you guys in India might feel that it is a bit faster. The old backup, along with the data was stored in /dev/null as usual; so I am having the hell of my time creating content from scratch. This time, I've made sure that the site stays up for quite some time, and the backups work! I even demoed a test dr restore of the database, and it went just fine

Now back to the topic, I hope that this time I will find more time to maintain the site and keep it updated. BTW, since you are around, check out the various sections. The backend is integrated with Google Apps , so the first thing you might notice is the calendar. Someday, I might give everyone invites to gmail for :)

You can check the recent photos of mine at flickr . I am working on getting a Joomla module that integrates nicely with flickr, but till then you'll have to make do manually. I hope to write about the recent Delhi trip and the upcoming Kerala and Goa trips. Till then, stay tuned!

 Update: Flickr should be fully working now, thanks to flickr4j . If anyone is actually looking around this site, let me know if there is something interesting that I can add to it. I am sitting idle for now, and anything to kill time is more than welcome ;)

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